Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, sexy dates.Mothers day,Valentines day

The Rose Gar has a unique lighting experience, the taste changes after the first few puffs to it’s TRUE flavor.

By the first few hits, the Rose Gar gets supremely smooth, we rarely cough with even the biggest of hits. It’s velvet like.

Top shelf flower Drenched in live resin and wrapped in cured biologic organic edible rose petals.
These contain:  2 Grams Flower  1.5 Grams Concentrate

Biologic Edible Organic Rose Petals *****We made sure to give only the highest quality rose petals for our customers, as 99% of roses available are grown with pesticides. Most (actually almost all) “organic” rose producers use pesticides during beginning growth stages and then discontinue use, as it’s incredibly hard to grow large amounts of roses with out some type of chemical pest management. This is why our rose petals are classified biologic, organic, edible rose petals, as there are degrees of “organic”. In other words, these are not your supermarket rose petals, nor are they just “Organic”. We searched for months, literally,  to find them.  We only source the best, and will always maintain the highest quality in all our products.
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