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What is a Cannagar – Starting Material

We use only the finest locally grown flower, kief, hash, shatter and wrapper leaves. Tracked from seed to sale, our testing is one of the most regulated in the country. Nevada state takes the purity and quality of cannabis very seriously. Our testing is 10X-15X more thorough than the typical…

What is a Cannagar – Flower Core

Premium flower is selected from the cultivation side of Exhale as well as our collaboration partners to create the essential cores of our Cannagars and specialty products.

What is a Cannagar – Drenched in Concentrate

Flower cores are drenched in concentrate for added depth, flavor and complexity.

What is a Cannagar – Final Wrap

The final wrap locks in all of the greatness that is a Cannagar while showing off the beauty of the cannabis fan leaf.

Mission Statement

Vegas Cannagars is dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine, products, service and experiences to our customers. We are passionate about creating memories, enhancing the life of our customers, partners, employees and giving back to the community where we operate.

All Cannagar team members go through a thorough vetting process and then enter an extensive training program to ensure consistent output at all stages of production. The Las Vegas Cannagars process is an in depth artisan process and team members must meet all professional standards before they are allowed to contribute to the production process.

Michelle oversees the entire production from the selection of the all natural ingredients to the final curing and packaging. The final product must pass Michelle’s exacting quality control standards.

Currently Las Vegas Cannagars is Brand Leasing the Las Vegas Cannagar and Las Vegas Cannarillo line in the Nevada recreational and medical marijuana market. If you are interested in bringing our product line to your state, drop us a line via our Contact page.

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